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Mexico, the adventure continues

Wow, all I can say right now is wow! We have had a great beginning to our vacation. Heather is the hostess with the mostest and treating us so well. We are getting spoiled.

The weather up until today has been iffy to say the least. Not that it matters, it's hot, I am with great friends and relaxing. It has not been all bad weather, a few sunny periods between storms and overcast skies. Swimming, reading, facebooking, sleeping, swimming, sleeping, reading, sleeping. That is how it has been pretty much the first couple of days. R and R for sure! We all needed it badly!!!!!!

Speaking of skies, Tammie and I actually slept outside under the stars Tuesday night. It was really quite cool. The stars, a wonderful breeze off the sea and the sound of the waves crashing into shore. Who could ask for anything better.

Limpy, the resident Iguana visits us regularly for treats of bread, fruit and veggies. He is so cute!

Heather comes out with his goodies and calls his name and he comes running. She named him Limpy last year when she first came across him. Limpy has a badly twisted leg however that doesn't seem to keep him down one bit!

Occassionally a few of his buddies will join him for a snack, only if he lets them though! He is king of his rock believe me.

Yesterday we went to a cute little open air restaurant at the Marina for breakfast. We had the whole place to ourselves. The food was great and the gentleman that was our waiter was wonderful!

We decided to take a walk around the marina to see the manatee. They are such beautiful gentle giants. We counted 7 in total, a few looked to be momma's and babies.

After our manatee adventure, Heather and I dropped Tammie back at the condo and we went grocery and fabric shopping ( a surprise). We picked up some great deals and some good food too.

Back to the condo for a much deserved swim in the pool! Do I look relaxed or what...

Today was absolutely marvelous!!!!!! Sun shining, hot, did I say sun shining, wow! The best day ever!!!!

After a wonderful breakfast, tidy up and into the pool. doesn't get any better than this. Well maybe it does, THE SPA! A short walk down the street, past the beach and a marvelous view is the Spa! We enjoyed a steam sauna, dry sauna and a marvelous pool with jets of every type imaginable. We literally floated home it felt so good and then...back in the pool and an afternoon of R&R.

A fabulous trip so far!

Catch my BLOG every Monday for a new product or card/papercraft highlight.  See you then!
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