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Mexico, the adventure begins!

Good Morning: Our first evening was full of all kinds of adventures and fun! Heather met the two crazy ladies at the airport on Sunday evening guessed her floaty flamingo! What she didn't know was what Tammie and I had planned for her. Once we finally made it through the airport (we created quite the scene in our get up) it took only a few minutes for the airport crowd to realize who was meeting who after we are seen going in a different direction and Heather sending security out of find us. Oh by the way, have you met Heather the "hot mama", that is what he called herself to security! Now we know they think Canadians are overly friendly.

And this is how our adventure begins! Two crazy ladies getting off the airplane wearing pink bobbing pony tail hair bands, pink flamingo sunglasses and tons of pink bead necklaces. Luggage in tow our adventure begins!

Tammie has never been to this part of Mexico and for me it's been about 14 years.

As we hop in the car and head out to Playa de Carmen for dinner the excitement grows.

Dinner at El Fogon a wonderful little open air restaurant and the food outstanding! Heather gives us some suggestions on what to order that isn't too hot and spicy and she has a few tricks up her sleeve for us to try.

Chicken Quesadilla sounds pretty safe for Tammie and I. Bring on the food, we ate Cactus...yes cactus it was delicious! Chorizo Fundido, a fancy name for cheese, meat and toritios. Ahhh, so yummy! Of course there was salsa, guacomole, and some other really hot sause.

After dinner we rolled (litterally) to Walmart. This was an experience! Can you imagine our surprise

when we saw prices like $31.00 for a lemon, or $14,000,00 for a TV. This was peso's not dollars however it takes a minute to adjust.

Back in the car and home to the condo for a little walk about, shXXts and giggles and bed for the weary travellers.

Stay tuned for day 1!

Catch my BLOG every Monday for a new product or card/papercraft highlight.  See you then!
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