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Countdown to Mexico

Well folks the countdown to Mexico has begun. Margies Studio will be closed from Friday August 18th till Sunday September 10th. August 20th I will be vacationing in Mexico with 2 great friends Heather and Tammie (At Heathers Condo) and then it will be 2 weeks minding the store in Mount Forest for Heather. I will be blogging and adding photos from Mexico so stay tuned!

Things have been hectic around the studio and our home as I said goodbye to my 2 youngest grand daughters who have been vacationing with me off an on (mainly on) for the past 2 weeks on Friday and my second oldest grandson who has been up visiting from Pennsylvania since June and left this morning. This afternoon has been so quiet it is truly driving me crazy! It has however given me the opportunity to play catch up on some much needed housework and errands.

There will be 3 classes this week in the studio, Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday afternoon and Thursday evening. Projects are all prepped and ready for the ladies and I am looking forward to a fun time.

The mini frame and cards from this week will be posted later here on my blog and will also be updated in my gallery.

TTFN as I head to the kitchen to prepare dinner. Margie

Below is a photo of Nick, Lexus and Emma. A day at Port Elgin Beach with Nannie.

Nick, Lexus and Emma, a day at the beach with Nannie

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Catch my BLOG every Monday for a new product or card/papercraft highlight.  See you then!
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