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For scrapbooking or any other arts & crafts project, here are some fun and creative ideas that you can create at your kitchen table.  Before you begin any project, clear off a good sized work and make sure that you have all of the tools and materials required to complete your work of art - now let's get to it.




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Faux Metal Technique

*  Versa Mark

*  Embossing Powder (ideal – Gold, Silver, Pewter)

*  Cardstock Strips – large enough for your project

    and a piece for handling

*  Heat Gun

*  Stamp/& Punch of your choice



Materials for Faux Metal Technique



Faux Metal Silver

1.  Using Versa Mark, ink up the section of cardstock large enough for you to complete your      project.  Completely cover the area with embossing powder


2.  Heat the embossing powder until completely melted.


3.  Let cool.


4.  Complete steps 1 to 3, 2 more times.


5. For the last layer (Layer 4) prior to starting, prepare your stamp by inking it in the Versa         mark and set it aside.  Complete step 1 and 2 again ensuring the embossing powder is         completely melted.  Immediately place your stamp into the warm embossing powder             being very careful not to shift the stamp when placing it or this will muddy the impression.     Push firmly into the melted embossing powder and leave for a few seconds.  Lift straight       up and set aside to cool.


6.  Once your impression is completely cool you may then proceed to punch out or cut to the      desired shape.


Faux Metal Gold
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